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A 3D printable design for a myoelectric prosthetic arm is presented. The arm is electronically actuated and controlled by a user flexing his/her muscles. Modern day electronic actuators and circuitry animate the device and allow for sophisticated control schemes. Slowly we are approaching an advanced trans-human integration between machine and body. It is hoped that this work will be of value to a diverse audience.

3D-Printing Enclosures

Pioneers in manufacturing metal enclosures for Ender-3, Ender-3 v2, Anet-et4, Anet-et4 pro, CR-10/ V2/ V3/S/S pro.
5+ years of experince in serviceing repairing, assembling and modifying all kind of 3D printers and we make your Ender-3 look and work like ultimaker. 

Civil & architecture

For civil engg and architects, we provide plan to 3D and also 3D print their models for specific scales.
We are the first ones to do such and it helps for clear imagination of design Form a 40*30 to a city plan everything is possible.

Miniature gifting

Miniatures of idols your favourite marvel characters, dark DC characters, minions and any miniatures from anywhere we 3D print.
Soon and fast delivery available at all colors and materials.
Everything means endless possibility and endless 3D models.


Any memory will be crafted and carved for your most indulgent experience.
personalised memory of yours will highlight in front of a light.
We have done one year of research to get the best for your most attachable memories.

Mechanical parts

We being mechanical engineers do assemblies and also provide lot of assistance in desgining part.
From a small screw to IC engine we design 3D print and simulate all kind of products.
our surety is the mechanical blood in us.


May be wood, marble , sand stone, metal all textures we can provide.
For any dream trip or any trip you have being through, we'll captures the best memory out of it.
Our expertise is making your experience immersive and important.


We 3D print not just fashion but also function.
Vases, voronoi lamps and all such kinds like pen stands, anything of that sort can be 3D printable.

Research & development

We started with 3 people with zero investment. our passion in creation.


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LIG-128, M Block, Nrupatunga Rd, Kuvempu Nagara, Mysuru, KA-570023

Working Hours

9:00 - 18:00

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